This years Land of Ice spreads across 150 square meters. The inclosed space is cooled down to -5℃. The sculptures were created out of 60 tons of ice.


When we are speaking about the Land of Ice, a few words need to be said about the ice. This kind of quantity of ice cannot be made in a short amount of time, which is why it takes us practically the whole year to produce it. The ice is made out of crystal clear water, without any additives or chemicals.


This year the blocks were turned into impressive sculpture by an international team of carvers. Among them are the creator and manager of the Land of Ice Miro Rismondo, as well as Bogdan Jerič, Klemen Omejc, Helena Rismondo, Dalija Sega Štok, Janez Dolšak, Neža Kranjc, Maria Groznaya, Rodrigo Andrés Cantos, Jesse Törmikoski and Bojan Grujić.


The construction of the Land of Ice takes place on location. This year that is Kongresni trg in Ljubljana. The whole process lasts about a month. Of course all the sculptures are handmade. The artists sculpt ice with chainsaws, die grinders, angular grinders, chisels and they even use irons and blow dryers. The artists’ imagination has no bounds.


The Land of Ice 2018/2019 is based off of a book by Niko Kupper Dragons on the way. Segments from this picture book came to life in ice. Each sculpture bears the seal and imagination of the artist that created it.  


To make the journey across Slovenia even more fun, you are able to pause it and go down the ice slide a few times.


At the end, there is an ice bar with refreshments, so, along with the boy from the story, you will have an easier time saying goodbye to the magical Land of Ice and return to reality.

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