In November, more precisely on the 30th November 2018, the Land of Ice is once more opening its doors. In its sixth season the Land of Ice is coming to the very heart of the capital, to Kongresni trg in Ljubljana. In an inclosed space of 150 square meters, cooled down to - 5℃, you will be able to see sculptures made out of 60 tons of ice.


The Land of Ice 2018/2019 is based off of a book Dragons on the way by Niko Kupper. The well-known author of children's books, who lives and works in Kärnten in Austria, takes us on a journey across Slovenia through the story about the Klagenfurt Lindwurm that magically comes to life. Of course, part of the story takes place in Ljubljana, a city that has lived under the sign of the dragon for centuries, a city that has Dragon Bridge, and last but not least, a dragon in its coat of arms.

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